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My Eyes Your Eyes

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Beady eyes. My eyes, your eyes. Whose eyes? What do you see? Do you see the same as I do, or something else?

With this work Päivi Aura and Minni Ilmonen celebrate their 10-year collaboration.

The premiere was at the Tampere University Hospital on August 14th 2014 as a part of the Community Dance Festival. The work was also performed in the departments of Laakso hospital in Helsinki on September 24th 2014.

Promo picture

Concept: Päivi Aura
Composition: Minni Ilmonen
Dancers: Kati Lehtola, Päivi Aura
Musician: Minni Ilmonen
Costumes and promo picture: Venla Martikainen

Duration approx. 20 minutes.

The performance has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Photos: Piia Kulin