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The Why Mix

What is Auraco’s new work made of? Mime, dance, music. Mazes, circles, spirals. Emojis of three wise monkeys. That’s what The Why Mix is made of.

Why do the hands get twisted? Why do the legs take different directions? Why does one have a tail and the others do not? Yes – and why do I see even when I don’t?

The word “why” is key to understanding and knowledge. “Mix” is a mixture. The Why Mix throws questions in the air about the meanings and interpretations of bodily movement. The Why Mix is a geometric, thrilling, colourful and partly serious mixture of contemporary dance, mime and music. The piece ponders on children’s reduced bodily expression and movement constructions in the time of smartphones and emojis. The Why Mix’s visuality draws its inspiration from the Bauhaus style – but why?

Promo picture

Director: Päivi Aura
Choreography: Päivi Aura, Kati Lehtola, Veera Lamberg, Maria Autio
Music and sound design: Heli Hartikainen
Performers: Kati Lehtola, Veera Lamberg, Heli Hartikainen, Maria Autio
Costumes: Piritta Kämi-Conway
Light design: Nicolas Salo
Press image: Minna Hatinen
Production: Auraco together with Pragma Helsinki and Annantalo Arts Centre
Duration: 35 min
Age recommendation: 4+ years

The Why Mix is a part of the Mapping – a Map on the Aesthetics of Performing Arts for Early Years project of the EU’s Creative Europe programme. The Why Mix performances had to be cancelled due to increased Covid-19 restrictions in December 2020.

Coming performances

Performances at Annantalo in Helsinki:

  • 27 Jan at 18:00 tickets 10 € from Tiketti
  • 28 Jan at 14:00 Small Size Days performance
  • 31 Jan at 10:00 for daycare and school groups
  • 1 Feb at 10:00 for daycare and school groups
  • 2 Feb at 18:00 tickets 10 € from Tiketti
  • 4 Feb at 14:00 tickets 10 € from Tiketti

Free entry to daytime performance on 28 Jan, sign up in advance at the Annantalo site starting from 10 Jan. Free performances on 31 Jan and 2 Feb only for daycare or school groups, sign up in advance at the Annantalo site starting from 2 Jan.