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Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden is a non verbal, visually inspiring performance about a little bit funny and different girl created by a multicultural group of artists.

The premiere was on 22th August 2007. Produced by Kuukulkurit ry/Dance Theatre Auraco in co-operation with Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki.

After its premiere, Moon Maiden has been performed both in Finland and abroad every year.

Duration approx. 35 min, age range: over 2 years.

Manuscript and direction: Päivi Aura
Choreography: Päivi Aura, Takako Matsuda
Music, composing, arrangement, playing and singing: Pekka Nylund
Stage planning and realization: Keanne van de Kreeke
Costume planning and realization: Piritta Kämi-Conway
Light design for premiere: Anna Pöllänen
Light design for tour: Patrick Oras
Music, editing and mixing: Vando Suvannon Kotistudio
Photo: Patrick Oras
Moon Maiden: Takako Matsuda

The performance has been supported by the Arts Council of Finland.

Photo: Patrick Oras

La doncella de la luna

A performance of Moon Maiden (La doncella de la luna in Spanish) in Madrid, in Centro Cultural Pilar Miró.

Photos: Daniel Alonso, Centro de Documentación Teatral