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Much ado about nothing.


Experience a striking evening with your friends in the heart of Helsinki – HELMIME Club offers you spectacular and delightful moments with mime. Come and see how an empty stage fills with imaginary illusions as the tops of mime take over the stage!

At the club, you will see several Finnish and foreign mimes perform during one night only. During the evening composed of short acts, études, the audience gets to dive into the world mime filled with virtuosity.

Time: Fri 28 Feb 2020 at 19:00
Place: Puppet Theatre Sampo, Erottajankatu 7, Helsinki
Tickets from Ticketmaster: 22 € / 16 € (incl. service fees)
Performers: Miriam Flick, Eliška Kasprzyk, Tomáš Kasprzyk, Kati Lehtola, Silent Rocco

More information at the site.

Mime is a non-verbal and diverse art form that is living its new boom. Mimes create stories, objects and different atmospheres with movements and gestures. The illusions are created with carefully trained movements and immobilities. In a world full of words and stuff, mime trusts the imagination of the performers and the viewers.

HELMIME events in Finland increase knowledge about mime and offer learning possibilites for both beginners as well as for professionals of performing arts. HELMIME shows the diversity of mime, different styles and techniques, and breaks stereotypes.

The artistic director of HELMIME is Kati Lehtola, who finished her mime studies at the Pantomime/Mime department of Die Etage, a performing arts school in Berlin in 2015. The education gave her a strong technical background, a large network and a little bit anarchistic attitude towards mime.

HELMIME is the common name for the mime events organised by Dance Theatre Auraco. Events are organised according to resources.

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