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Floating Boat

Big boat, small boat, together, alone, taking care of one another, listening to the waves, bobbing on the waves. This interactive performance for babies and their parents is like a warm breeze by the beach.

Floating Boat is based on a poem by dramaturge Haejin Lee. The poem is a metaphoric description of the mother-baby connection before, during and after the birth.

The performance is a co-production of Dance Theatre Auraco and Little Tree Theatre. It premiered in Seoul, South Korea on November 30th 2013.

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Direction: Päivi Aura, Nemo
Choreography: Päivi Aura
Dramaturge: Haejin Lee
Performers: Hyejin Bae, Jihye Park, Young Park
Musicians: Sira Huh, Janghyuk Ahn / Andrew Kim
Costume design: Eunju Lim
Photo: Dondsik An
Little Tree’s producer: Sosun Lee

For babies 0 to 1 year old.

The performance has been supported by ARKO – Arts Council Korea, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Assitej Centre and private persons.