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Travel 1:100

With a globe and a map, the way can only be clear. The destination is just around the corner! …But was it after all?

Travel 1:100 tells about the desire to travel, the joy of travelling and the courage to continue even though everything seems to go wrong. How does the traveler overcome the obstacles on the way? What’s the solution when homesick takes over? And how are you going to eat that strange-looking dish?

The solo performance by Kati Lehtola combines mime and dance creating a unique way of storytelling with warm humour and joy.

Concept, realisation and performance: Kati Lehtola
Choreographic advisor: Päivi Aura
Music: various artists

Duration 35 min. For all ages.

With support from Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.

Past performances

28 May 2016 Monologifestari, Espoo, Finland
14 Dec 2015 Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin, Germany
4 Dec 2015 Komplex, Chemnitz, Germany

Photos: Ronald Spratte