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The audience is Me. The dancers are Me. Together we are Me-Me. (In Finnish “me” is “us”.) In this warmly different dance performance the audience is creating the story together with the dancers. Every performance is unique.

The premiere of Me-Me was in Pikku-Aurora Art House, in Espoo, Finland, on 27th Jan 2009. After that, it has been performed over a hundred times in Finland and abroad.

Duration approx. 30 minutes, age range children 0–30 months and their accompanying adults.

The Me-Me Asian tour in the spring of 2015 was widely presented in Guangdong’s different medias. The Guangdong Dance Festival gathered the TV, press and internet hits into a single pdf file.

Concept: Päivi Aura
Dancers: Päivi Aura, Kati Lehtola, Lieve Hermans
Music: Philippe-Marcel Iung
Lighting: Rodrigo Granda

Me-Me in 2 Turvenhoog festival in Almere, Holland in 2010

Photos: Daniel Bosschieter