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Petit Câlin

The dance work Petit Câlin is like an embrace where you can both struggle and rest, laugh and cry, joke and be serious, where there is space for longing and to be comforted.

The idea and the name of the work are based on the French phrase “petit câlin”, which means embracing a newborn baby, its first hug. Movement in a tightly controlled space, the human voice, and lighting transport the audience from one state of emotion to the next.

The audience will have an opportunity to participate in a discussion with the artists after the performances. The premiere was in Kanneltalo, Helsinki, on 13th March 2012.

Duration approx. 30 min, for all ages from 4 years old.

Concept and direction: Päivi Aura
Choreography: Päivi Aura, Takako Matsuda
Voice: Philippe-Marcel Iung
Light design: Keijo Vainio
Costumes: Piritta Kämi-Conway
Performers: Takako Matsuda, Philippe-Marcel Iung

Photos: Rene Korpela