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We’re a unique and strongly visual dance and mime theatre
We make performances for all ages, especially for children. Read more.


Moving Forms

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A Small Size Days Family Day workshop for children at Annantalo (Annankatu 30, Helsinki, Finland) on Sunday 2 Feb at 11:30. Enrolment at the Annantalo website.

HELMIME: Mime Workshops

HELMIME Master Classes on Sat–Sun 22–23 Feb at the rehearsal studio of Dance House Helsinki, for professionals and students of performing arts, as well as advanced hobbyists. More information at HELMIME workshops.


HELMIME Club on Fri 28 Feb at 19:00 at Puppet Theatre Sampo in Helsinki. At the club, you will see several Finnish and foreign mimes perform during one night only. More information at HELMIME club.

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    The first HELMIME Club organised by Auraco takes the stage at Puppet Theatre Sampo on Friday 28 Feb 2020 at 19:00. In addition to Kati Lehtola, the artistic director of HELMIME, performances will be given by Silent Rocco and Miriam Flick from Berlin, Germany, and the Czech-Slovakian mime couple Eliška and Tomáš Kasprzyk. HELMIME events have their own new website at

    Päivi Aura shares experiences from Auraco’s EU projects at the Stretch Turku event in Turku, Finland, on Thursday 17 October at 15–17 during the EU Creative Europe, in the making info session.

    Tuntu was awarded the Jury’s Award at the FITC - Festivalul Internațional de Teatru pentru Copii festival in Bucharest last week. According to the jury, Tuntu “raises sensorial consciousness and meets the needs of an inclusive audience through extensive research”.

    The credit goes to the whole artistic and production team of Tuntu: Päivi Aura, Oskari Turpeinen, Maria Autio, Kati Lehtola, Heli Hartikainen, Sami Kurppa, Michael Ferrie, Piritta Kämi-Conway, Keanne van de Kreeke, Pasi Pehkonen, Nicolas Salo, Mirkka Saari, Riitta Lahtinen, Katariina Metsälampi and Annantalo.


    See all our coming, current and past events and news in our calendar.