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We’re a unique and strongly visual dance and mime theatre
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No upcoming events.


We didn’t receive any operational subsidy this year from Arts Promotion Centre Finland. It means that our budget for this year is about 75% smaller than last year, and many of our planned activities cannot take place. We are still processing this and replanning everything. We are working on this and figuring out how to proceed further.

Auraco’s Kati Lehtola will perform a new mime étude at the opening ceremony of the academic year at the University of Helsinki on Monday 5 Sep 2022. The ceremony starts at 12:15 and the performance at approx. 13:00, see the event programme. You can also watch the performance live or afterwards on the university YouTube channel.

The first HELMIME Club organised by Auraco takes the stage at Puppet Theatre Sampo on Friday 28 Feb 2020 at 19:00. In addition to Kati Lehtola, the artistic director of HELMIME, performances will be given by Silent Rocco and Miriam Flick from Berlin, Germany, and the Czech-Slovakian mime couple Eliška and Tomáš Kasprzyk. HELMIME events have their own new website at


See all our coming, current and past events and news in our calendar.