Auraco's spring 2015 newsletter

Dance Theatre Auraco’s year 2015 had an active start. Auraco is involved in two multi-year EU co-funded projects, broad Creative Europe –project Small size, Performing Arts for Early Years (2014–2018) and Erasmus+ programme, Growing up in Europe (2014–2016). In the beginning of the year Auraco has carried out two events related to these projects: Small size days at Pikku-Aurora in Espoo and Growing up in Europe, art in early childhood education seminar in collaboration with Annantalo Arts Centre in Helsinki.

ASIA TOUR April 3-19 
Auraco will tour in Asia with the baby piece Me-Me. Me-Me is a performance aimed for under 2,5 year-old children in which the audience creates the story together with the performers. There will also be workshops organised by all the collabrators and a seminar in Hong Kong with a title The artistic perspective on performing arts for young children: A sharing between Finland & Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, City Contemporary Dance Company’s first children's festival, CCDC Children's Festival 2015, Jockey Club Theatre, April 3–7

Macao, visiting dance company invited by Step Out Performing Arts Group, Old Court Black Box, April 10–12

Mainland China, Guangdong Dance Festival, The Times Museum and GMDC Theatre, April 16–19



Coming in September premier of the new piece Herra Kookaburra ja Kukkaroo at Kanneltalo, Helsinki – more to follow in the next newsletter!

Nomination: Auraco was one of three finalists for the Finnish Theatres Association’s and the Finnish Assitej Association’s Children and Youth Theatre Prize 2015.

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