Auraco's Newsletter September 2019

Tuntu in Slovenia

Tuntu is part of Zlata paličica festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in October.

Tuntu is a dance performance for 0 to 6-year-old visually impaired children which premiered on Nov 12, 2017, at Annantalo Art Centre, Helsinki, Finland. Since the premiere, Tuntu has been performed for different kinds of audiences dozens of times in several different countries.

May We Present: HELMIME Mime Events

Mime is a non-verbal and diverse art form that is living its new boom. Mimes create stories, objects and different atmospheres with movements and gestures. The illusions are created with carefully trained movements and immobilities. In a world full of words and stuff, mime trusts the imagination of the performers and the viewers.

HELMIME events in Finland increase knowledge about mime and offer learning possibilites for both beginners as well as for professionals of performing arts. HELMIME shows the diversity of mime, different styles and techniques, and breaks stereotypes. HELMIME is the common name for the mime events organised by  Auraco.

HELMIME: Mime Workshop

Our guest teacher Tomas Kasprzyk’s contemporary mime workshop is aimed for total beginners and intermediate mimes as well as for actors. It is for people curious about contemporary mime and interested in learning or upgrading their own mime technique. The workshop is held on 19th to 20th October in Helsinki, Finland. Check out the information on our website!



Whoopsy-Daisy, Where Are You?

Touring kidergardens in Helsinki!


5.10.2019 at 17.00, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Grand Stage, Ljubljana, Slovenia

6.10.2019 at 11.00, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Grand Stage, Ljubljana, Slovenia

HELMIME Mime Workshop

19.–20.10.2019 at 10.30-16.00, TribalTanssiKeskus, Vanha Talvitie 19 A 5, 00580 Helsinki, Finland


Tuntu: Anita Murphy
I Can Deny Everything: Agnieszka Sikora

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