Auraco's Newsletter October 2017

Tuntu premiere in November

What does dance sound like, what does dance feel like? Steps and rhythms, air waves, touch, breath, the rustle of clothes and the floor – what all does the bodily sensation entail without the dominance of visual perception!

Tuntu is a dance performance for 0 to 6-year-old visually impaired children which premieres on Nov 12, 2017, at Annantalo Art Centre. The performances of Nov 14 and Nov 15 are open to all other audiences too.

Ticket reservations and further information via email: Tickets 10e/adult, 8e/child.

A cooperation of Dance Theatre Auraco, Annantalo and Dance House Helsinki. Cooperation expert Riitta Lahtinen EdD, audio describer. The performance is part of the Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years project of EU’s Creative Europe programme.

Mime workshop

Kati Lehtola's mime workshop for all levels is held in Helsinki in November. With different mime techniques, we can create illusions, make invisible visible and play with imaginary objects, partners and powers.

Auraco 10 years

Auraco celebrates its 10-year journey this year. We are sharing picture memories from through the years on social media with the hashtag #auraco10 - check out Facebook and Instagram!




premiere 12.11.2017 at 14, Annantalo Art Centre, Helsinki

14.11.2017 at 18 open for all, Annantalo Art Centre, Helsinki

15.11.2017 at 9.30 open for all, Annantalo Art Centre, Helsinki

15.11.2017 at 11 open for all, Annantalo Art Centre, Helsinki

Photo: Mauri Tahvonen

Drawing: Keanne van de Kreeke

Tuntu dance workshop

19.11.2017 at 13-14, Sunday dateAnnantalo Art Centre, Helsinki

Mime workshop

25.-26.11.2017 at 10.30-16.00, Studio Attitude KS, Helsinki

Photo: Kati Lehtola