Auraco's March newsletter

Mime and Dance to Helsinki Libraries

The past two years have been mostly about cancelling events but now this will change! HELMIME Library Tour with new mime études premieres on March 12, and AINUT, a new site-specific dance performance on March 16. Both performances will be seen in various libraries in Helsinki.

HELMIME Library Tour

HELMIME brings humorous mime études to Helsinki libraries from March till May. The mime études depict everyday joys, moments of happiness, and blunders – after all, sometimes things get more than tangled up. Neither do the performances forget imaginary worlds.

The études are performed by Eliška Kasprzyk, Tomaš Kasprzyk and Kati Lehtola.


Is there anything unique, distinctive? There is, like this site-specific dance and music performance that pulsates with human warmth. In Finnish, AINUT means only, singular. A as in authentic, I as in improvised, N as in natural, U perhaps as urban, but T… T is always tanssi, dance.

AINUT is performed by dancer Maria Autio and musician Heli Hartikainen.

Both HELMIME and AINUT are free of charge, non-verbal and suitable for all ages. You are warmly welcome to see and experience our live performances after a long time!



HELMIME Library Tour

12 Mar Paloheinä library
19 Mar Pohjois-Haaga library
2 Apr Roihuvuori library
9 Apr Tapulikaupunki library
23 Apr Lauttasaari library
7 May Pitäjänmäki library
14 May Suutarila library

Performances at 13:00 and 14:00

Photos: Minna Hatinen


16 Mar at 18:00 Rikhardinkatu library
18 Mar at 17:30 Kallio library

Photos: Kati Lehtola

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