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Collaboration with CCDC Dance Centre continues

The collaboration between Auraco and CCDC Dance Centre, Hong Kong, began in 2015 and continues with the co-production B Free. The premiere is on Aug 8th 2018 in Hong Kong.

B Free is part of International Arts Carnival with ten performances, all of which were sold out within two days.

You can follow the process and residence life on Instagram and Facebook with the hastag #auracohk.

First dance performance for babies in Hong Kong

B Free is the first dance performance designed for toddlers under 2.5 years old in Hong Kong. B Free is directed by Päivi Aura, the dancers are Kati Lehtola and Hong Kong based Alice Ma and Mary Jane Tang. The live music is by Tim Chan.

Background of the collaboration

The collaboration between CCDC Dance Centre (CCDCDC) and Auraco began when Auraco performed Me-Me and gave a workshop at CCDCDC’s children’s festival in 2015. CCDCDC invited Auraco’s choreographer Päivi Aura and dancer Kati Lehtola to work with local artists in Hong Kong in 2016. A work-in-progress performance was showcased after the residence in 2016. Now in July-August 2018, Päivi and Kati return to Hong Kong, and B Free will be finished and presented at International Arts Carnival.

Coming up

Coming up in the autumn: Mr. Kookaburra and Kukkaroo will visit east and west, Tuntu south! Read more in our next newsletter. Remember to follow our social media channels as well!


Next Performances

B Free

Performances at Tsuen Wan Town Hall Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong:

8.8.2018 at 11 and 16

9.8.2018 at 11 and 16

10.8.2018 at 11 and 16

11.8.2018 at 11 and 16

12.8.2018 at 11 and 16

Creator: Päivi Aura
Creators and performers: Kati Lehtola, Alice Ma, Mary Jane Tang
Composer and live music performer: Tim Chan
Artistic consultant: Ronly Kong
Co-presented and co-produced by CCDC Dance Centre and Dance Theatre Auraco.

B Free is supported by the Consulate General of Finland in Hong Kong.

Photos: CCDC Dance Centre, Rodrigo Granda, Miia Kota

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