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Me-Me in Hungary

Me-Me has two performances at Assitej biennal in Kaposv├ír, Hungary, on May 5th. The dance performance for 0 to 30 months old babies had its 100th perfomance in January.

Travel 1:100 at Monologifestari

Kati Lehtola's solo performance Travel 1:100 will be at Monologifestari - the solo performance festival held for the first time. The performance is on May 28th in Espoo, Finland.

Travel 1:100 tells about the desire to travel, the joy of travelling and the courage to continue even though everything seems to go wrong. It combines dance and mime in a unique way.

Coming Up in Autumn

Coming up Me-Me tours in Switzerland, Sweden and Romania!


Next performances


5.5.2016 at 10:00 and 11:30, Assitej Biennal, Kaposvár, Hungary

Photo: Mauri Tahvonen

Travel 1:100

28.5.2016 at 12:00, Kannusali, Espoo, Finland

Photo: Ronald Spratte

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