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Mime Workshop

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NOTE: The workshop is full, but you can still register on the waiting list.

With different mime techniques, we can create illusions, make invisible visible and play with imaginary objects, partners and powers. To succeed in these, a mime needs strong body control and knowledge of movement patterns that are rarely used in everyday life: waves, isolations and the fixpoint.

During the workshop we will go through the whole body and find movements in unusual body parts. We practice some of the basic mime techniques like pulling, being pulled, grabbing different kinds of objects and mime walk. We’ll also learn to fly! Using the techniques, we will work on small acts alone, with partners or in small groups – without forgetting the nonverbal expressions of different emotions.

The workshop is aimed both for total beginners and those more advanced in mime. We’ll practice the techniques in small groups according to the levels of the participants. The workshop will be held in Finnish and/or English.

January Workshop (Full)

Time: 20–21 Jan 2018 at 10:30–16:00
Place: Studio Attitude KS, Vuorimiehenkatu 33, 00140 Helsinki
Early bird price when registration and payment done by 10 Jan: 80 €
Price starting from 11 Jan: 90 €
Facebook: Miimikurssi / Mime workshop vol 2

If the participant cancels the participation after 18 Jan, the payment will only be refunded with a medical certificate. If the organiser has to cancel the workshop, the payment will be fully refunded.

Registration: Send your name and phone number by email to

About the teacher: Kati Lehtola is a dancer and mime who studied mime in Die Etage, a school of performing arts in Berlin. Her main teacher was Anke Gerber, who is one of the most respected mimes in Germany and Central Europe. Alongside different styles of mime (like Marcel Marceau’s or Étienne Decroux’s), the studies were composed of dance, Commedia dell’Arte and other forms of physical theatre. The education gave a strong technical base and a bit anarchistic attitude towards mime.

Past workshops:

25–26 Nov 2017 Studio Attitude KS, Helsinki

The workshop is organised by Dance Theatre Auraco. Welcome to mime!